Telair accessories pass a tough test in Africa

Three expert travellers left for the Transafrica 2020 expedition in a 30-year-old Iveco-engined camper fitted with a Telair air conditioner

Lugo di Ravenna (15 June 2020) - Italian monthly PleinAir has published a lengthy article on a journey undertaken by three Italians with a Laika Laserhome 61 motorhome, specially equipped with a Telair generator and air conditioner. The route was supposed to take in the full length of the continent, from Morocco to South Africa. Unfortunately, just as the team were coming up to the border with Cameroon, they were forced to retrace their steps as war had broken out there.

Giuseppe Berardi, expedition organiser, mentions several episodes in his exciting report and highlights how the Telair DualClima air conditioner was of great help in the blazing African sun.

For example, when the crew crossed the Western Sahara, the thermometer touched 35 °C in the shade. Even in the middle of the day, the cool airflow in the vehicle provided the team with much welcome comfort. 

What's more, the DualClima 8400H air conditioner with heat pump turned out to be a big bonus in Boujdour, on Morocco's Atlantic coast. Here, even with the sharp drop in temperature that comes after sunset, and despite a technical fault with the primary heating system, the DualClima still kept the fabulous Laserhome warm and cosy. 

The three travellers were left in no doubt: combining the Telair Energy 2510B generator with the DualClima 8400H air conditioner was a winning choice.

The technical journalist on Italian magazine PleinAir (Giovanni Battista Bertolani) was in full agreement with them. After listening to the travellers' experiences concerning the reliability and efficiency of Teleco/Telair products, he wrote: “Having an on-board generator provided the energy autonomy that, on a trip consisting of long drives across semi-deserted parts of Africa, heightened the sense of security, making all the difference. The easy-to-start Telair Energy 2510B generator - which never needed more than three attempts despite using petrol of unknown quality - and the dual heating/cooling function of the Telair DualClima 8400 H air conditioner really came into their own”.

This on-the-road test of Teleco/Telair products demonstrates the quality and reliability of the accessories designed and built by this Italian company, even under the challenging conditions - dusty roads, high humidity, low fuel quality and torrid heat - experienced in Africa. 

What's more, the team assures us that Transafrica 2020 is not over, but simply postponed.