Digital satellite precision aligners

The DSF90 HD is compatible with all the manual satellite systems and enables the user to find the desired satellite in just a few quick and simple steps.

Currently, the biggest difficulty in manually aligning a dish with satellite-broadcast digital TV signals is the fact that there is a delay before the digital signals are displayed on LCD TV screens: the user is thus forced to carry out the alignment with a very slow movement to avoid the risk of going past the required satellite without realising it.

The DSF90 HD is the solution to this problem. It has a meter that indicates immediately the strength of the signal being received from the desired satellite. Unlike ordinary dish aligners, there is no delay and, again unlike those systems, the DSF90 HD also tells you if the satellite you have found is the right one. There are 8 satellites pre-programmed in its memory.

The DSF90E/HD is the same as the DSF90 HD, but is specifically designed for Teleco Digimatic systems with incorporated electronic elevation detector.

So as well as the functions described for the DSF90 HD, the DSF90E/HD also enables the elevation to set accurately.



  1. Select the satellite for the alignment (e.g. ASTRA 23).
  2. Raise the dish until the correct elevation is indicated (see elevation map).
  3. Turn the dish SOUTHWARDS until the DSF90 HD emits a continuous "BEEP".
  4. Wait for the SAT OK LED to come on.
  5. If alignment has been made with the wrong satellite, the SAT NOT OK LED will come on and the dish must be rotated again until the "BEEP" is heard again and the SAT OK LED comes on.
  6. When the maximum number of LEDs are illuminated on the LEVEL indicator, the dish has been aligned properly.