Batteries always in perfect condition with innovative Teleco Group TBC3i PRO charger

Keeping on-board camper batteries charged and maintained is essential to ensure they provide long-lasting performance. To obtain the best possible results, the Teleco Group has developed the innovative TBC3i PRO charger, characterised by outstanding build quality and light, compact design. This last aspect is an important one as it provides precious additional space inside the camper.

TBC3i PRO charger design combines several latest-generation modules, such as a mains battery charger capable of handling rated voltages of 110 or 230V, a charge converter for the vehicle alternator and a charge regulator with MPPT technology for the solar panels. This means the camper batteries will, whatever the energy source, be automatically charged at all times, whether the vehicle is parked or on the move. The integrated charge converter always ensures a good recharge during trips both short and long.

All models are equipped with a system that keeps the batteries charged even during long storage periods. They also have 8 different charging curves for different battery types: lead-acid, AGM, GEL and LiFePO4 batteries. Wiring and connections have been minimised, making installation fast and simple.

TBC3i PRO battery chargers also feature the (optional) TCP3i PRO control panel with an LCD display indicating the status of each power source, starter battery voltage, service battery voltage and instantaneous charge current. When the solar module is working, the display shows instantaneous solar power (W) and energy values (Wh and Ah). Charging form the AC mains can be activated or deactivated manually. Moreover, in countries where the mains protection current is particularly low, capacity can be reduced (AC Power Limit). A special protection function ensures AC mains charging is reactivated if the service battery is at risk of running completely flat.

The display is backlit to ensure excellent legibility under all circumstances while consuming very little power. Assembly, which can also be done after installation of the battery charger, is made easier by the plug-and-play connection (via the supplied 5-metre cable).

TBC3i PRO battery chargers and TCP3i PRO control panels are already available through the Teleco Group sales network.

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Technical features
TBC3i PRO 30/20/250
Operation from mains AC
Rated voltage (AC) 110 V - 230 V / 45 - 65 Hz
Operating range (AC) 90 V - 270 V (max. 305 V, for 5 sec)
Max. absorbed current (AC) 360 W
Service / Start battery charge current 20 A / 4 A
AC Power Limit function Si
Charge Converter 12 V/12 VVoltage Max 
Service Battery Charger current 30 A
Automatic D+ activation Si
Start battery/Alternator Voltage (Euro 6) /
Max. current.
10.5 - 16.5 V / 42 A
Max. current II limit (settable) 25 A
MPPT Solar Regulator
Solar Module Power (Pmax) 50 - 250 Wp
Solar Module max. current 15 A
Solar Module max. voltage 36 V
Start / Service max. battery charger current 18.0 / 4.0 A
AES cooling terminal Si
Starter Battery
Rated Voltage / Min. recommended capacity 12 V / >60 Ah
Service Battery, IU1oU2oU3
Lead-acid / LiFePO4 voltage 12 V / 12.0 - 13.3 V
Battery capacity (settable) 45 - 280 Ah
N. of charge programmes for Lead-Acid / Gel / AGM battery 4
N. of charge programmes for LiFePO4 battery 4
Start / Service battery voltage sensors 4
Temperature compensation (Lead-Acid) / Protection (LiFePO4) Yes
Automatic regeneration (Lead-Acid / Auto Wake Up (LiFePO4) Yes
Battery Trainer (Pulser) for Lead-Acid Service Battery, can be activated Yes
LiFePO4 control input – BMS for charge stop Yes
Assembly position All
Operating Temperature -20 to +45 °C
Variable-speed fan, temperature-controlled Yes
Gradual charge reduction for Overheating Yes
Safety Disconnect in the event of Overheating Yes
Waterproof rating IP 21
Environmental conditions Max 95% RH, No Condensation
Dimensions (LxDxH) - incl. assembly flange, without connections 217 x 250 x 85 mm
Weight 2700 g
Technical features control panel
Charge phase / Current, Service / Start battery voltage Yes
AC-Mode (ON / OFF / Limit) Yes
Solar computer Yes
Power consumption 3 – 30 mA
Backlight can be deactivated Yes
Dimensions (HxLxD) 85x80x24 mm
Assembly hole dimensions 70x65x22 mm 
Weight 55 g