Teleco's Total Black range now includes the Flatsat Classic BT 65 
and Telesat BT 65 automatic antennas

The two products have a 16-satellite memory and can be controlled with a smartphone (Bluetooth). The SMART option, for automatic alignment when changing channels with the Teleco TV remote control, is available on request

Lugo di Ravenna, Italy (August 25, 2023) – An increasing number of modern recreational vehicles now feature coloured bodywork. From vans to semi-integrated models and large motorhomes, all-vehicle colouring or cabs coloured to match the interior decoration are becoming more and more commonplace. All the major recreational vehicle manufacturers have gone along with this trend, with the result that their customers often decide to choose Black or Grey accessories as they’re more aesthetically appealing on vehicles that are not plain white.
Following in-depth market analysis, Teleco has decided to expand its automatic satellite antenna range with Total Black versions of the Flatsat Classic BT 65 and Telesat BT 65: these complement analogous versions of the new line of solar panels and air conditioners. Once installed, these antennas give the vehicle a decidedly original, highly appealing look.
Flatsat Classic 65 Total Black
The Flatsat Classic BT 65 is an automatic HD antenna with a 16-satellite memory. Thanks to a modern control unit compatible with CI-BUS systems, it can be controlled via a mobile phone (using the Android or iOS app) or the modern wall-mounted panel with OLED display. In its closed position, the antenna has a total height of just 15 centimetres.
In addition to befitting from a modern safety system that automatically shuts the antenna when the vehicle is started, users can also upload software updates from their smartphones. The antenna is compatible with all TVs equipped with a DVB-S2 tuner and all satellite receivers. Dish dimensions are 63.5 x 59 centimetres, while weight is limited to just 9 kilograms. Purchasers also have the options of Twin LNBs (to pair with two receivers) or Quad LNBs (for four receivers).
Telesat BT 65 Total Black
Likewise, the Telesat BT 65 auto-tracking antenna also features advanced Teleco technology: a 16-satellite memory, a DVB-S2 HD control unit, plus a wall-mounted panel with OLED display to perform a satellite search and lower the dish.
Antenna control and software updates can both be performed on a Bluetooth-connected smartphone using the relative Android or iOS app. Dish dimensions are 63.5 x 59 centimetres and the weight is 9 kilograms. The optional Twin LNB can be used to connect two receivers.
Both antennas can, on request, be supplied with the SMART option: by changing channel with the Teleco TV remote control, the antenna automatically aligns with the satellite broadcasting the selected channel. Built with DVB-S2 HD technology, the control unit lets users, via Bluetooth, pair up to four devices, which can connect to the antenna one at a time.

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