TBCM PRO 45/30/350 Multicharger


3-source Automatic Battery Charger

• Motor Alternator: 45 A
• Mains or Generator: 30 A
• Solar Panel: 350 W

The Multicharger is an automatic, highly flexible device equipped with a professional, reliable, powerful DC / DC converter (45 A). Extremely compact, it can easily be installed inside the vehicle.
This technical solution allows, first of all, users to charge batteries up to a maximum capacity of 420 Ah and make the most of all available energy sources:
  1. with the vehicle on the move it’s also possible to charge the service battery on Euro 6 vehicles equipped with latest-generation alternators
  2. it’s also possible to use 12 Volt solar panel energy (stabilized with an MPPT controller) up to a maximum of 350 W
  3. It can be connected to a 230 V AC power socket (or a 230 V AC alternating current generator), charging the service battery of the camper with a current as high as 30 Ah; simultaneously, it can supply an auxiliary current of 5 Ah (max.) to the starter battery.

Smart source management

  1. With the vehicle on the move, it’s the alternator that charges both the starter battery and service battery. The other sources are disconnected.
  2. With the vehicle stationary, users can choose to assign charging priority to the solar panels or the 230 V AC campsite socket source. If priority is assigned to the solar panels and if the supplied current is insufficient or zero (at night), the battery will - when it drops below the threshold level - automatically be connected to the 230 V AC camping socket or generator source.
  3. In the case of a moving vehicle equipped with air conditioning that is battery-powered via an inverter, the Multicharger can directly add alternator-supplied current to that provided by the service battery (on which the inverter is connected) in order to keep the air conditioner running.
  4. If the engine starter battery is flat, you can use the Multicharger to activate the Bridge function: this lets you transfer some of the charge from the service battery to the starter battery so you can start the engine.
The TBCM PRO has 9 battery charging programmes. These are selected by the user according to the batteries installed:
  • Lead-acid, Gel, AGM batteries, 4 charging programmes
  • Lithium LiFePO4 5 batteries, 5 charging programmes
A wall-mounted control panel (optional) provides the user with comprehensive information on battery status

Compatible with CI-BUS systems

Technical features

TBCM PRO 45/30/350
Operation from mains AC
Rated Voltage (AC) 110 V - 230 V / 45 - 65 Hz
Service / starter battery charge current 30 A / 5 A
12 V/12 V charge converter
Service battery max. charge current 45 A
MPPT solar regulator
Solar module power (Pmax) 50 - 350 Wp
Solar module max. voltage (Voc). 36 V
Starter / Service battery charge max. current 25.5 / 5.0 A
Starter battery
Rated voltage / Min. recommended capacity 12 V / >80 Ah
Service battery
Lead-acid / LiFePO4 rated voltage 12 V / 12.0 - 13.3 V
Battery capacity (settable) 68 - 420 Ah
N. of charge programmes for
Lead-Acid / Gel / AGM battery
N. of charge programmes for LiFePO4 battery 5
Operating Temperature -20 to + 50 °C
Dimensions (LxDxH) - incl. assembly flange,
without connections
220 x 65 x 220 mm
Weight 2850 g
Supplied: 230 V AC mains cable, 825 temperature sensor, manual