TSPF 110W semi-flexible photovoltaic module

TELECO/TELAIR launch the new semi-flexible photovoltaic modules designed for installation on campers and caravans.

The product, named TSPF 110W, will be available from May 2019 and combines the usual TELECO quality with the advantage of a lighter weight of only 1.8 kg.

With a maximum power of 110 Watts, the new module, produced in dimensions of 1216 x 533 x 2 mm, overcomes many of the usual drawbacks of fixed-mount solar panels installed on recreational vehicles, particularly the problem of space – which is critical on vehicles – and weight. With a limited weight of only 1.8 kg, the TSPF 110W module is extremely light compared to similar conventional roof-mounted solar panels, which normally weigh around 10 kg.

In addition, unlike conventional solar panel models, the TSPF 110W is a semi-flexible module, which, together with its thickness of just 2 mm, enables it to adapt to the roof of the camper or caravan, matching its profile. TELECO’s TSPF 110W modules contain solar cells composed of the purest type of silicon – monocrystalline silicon – which makes them more efficient, compact and durable than polycrystalline models.

Developed for use in marine environments, they are resistant to water, wind and salt, with the benefit of a series of important features providing resistance to extreme weather conditions and degrading factors, including sudden temperature changes and solar radiation, maintaining efficiency and high performance even in high external temperatures. Its high tensile strength enables the TSPF 110W module not to be affected by bumps and vibrations, and - a key factor in installation on the roofs of recreational vehicles - you can walk across them. The semi-flexible panel perfectly fits the shape of the roof, even where there are concave or convex profiles, allowing optimization of space, which is left free for the installation of luggage racks, antennas or other accessories. Glued installation means that the panel merges with the roof, preventing any aerodynamic resistance.

Thanks to this series of features, the new TSPF 110W flexible photovoltaic modules guarantee great durability over time, with full efficiency.