ECOenergy, the LPG-fuelled 12-Volt generator, has been updated

TELECO/TELAIR has recently introduced some technical improvements to the ECOenergy LPG-fuelled 12-volt generators to further increase performance,

quiet operation and ease of maintenance.

The TELECO/TELAIR ECOenergy LPG-fuelled 12-Volt generators are protected by many international patents and are unique in the world. They are the ideal solution for providing energy autonomy to camper van and caravan users who love the freedom offered by not having to rely on camping sites and parking areas. The ECOenergy range counts three models (TG 480 - TG 480 MEF - TG 600 MEF) with rated current of 20 A/h for the 480 models and 25 A/h for the 600 models. MEF indicates suitability to operate at high altitude.

ECOenergy generators have sparked a great deal of interest in Italy and all across Europe for the countless technical advantages they offer. First is quiet operation. This feature is very appreciated to avoid annoying the crew and above all any neighbours. The generator has special soundproofing casing which limits noise diffusion to just 51 dBA (measured at 7 metres of distance on TG 480). Another qualifying characteristic is eco-sustainability. LPG combustion reduces CO2 emissions by approximately 10%, compared to diesel or petrol engines, helping to contrast the greenhouse effect and global warming. LPG is ideal for environment-friendly energy production for its high degree of purity, lack of combustion residues and absence of toxic fumes. Another decisive factor is its light weight. Having a compact mechanical structure and a unique half-shell container, the generator weighs only 19 kilograms. It can be installed externally under the floor even on camper vans with recessed frames because it is only 25 centimetre high. Finally, it is powerful. ECOenergy is a much more efficient battery charger than other systems, such as fuel cells, for instance, which have a limited life and can produce a 12-volt charge current which can reach up to 8.8 A, while TG 600 achieves to 25 A. ECOenergy produces the same current as five 100-Watt solar panels, but works all year round and in all weather conditions. These characteristics come with high fuel-efficiency, because the generator uses just 270 grams of LPG every hour of operation.

"Until today, we have sold about 6000 units in Europe. We have received lots of positive feedback from satisfied customers because ECOenergy is a reliable, useful product for open-air tourism enthusiasts, particularly in winter when batteries are subjected to higher-than-normal load. We have recently implemented some changes to further increase performance, quiet operation and ease of maintenance", said Vittorio Simioli, co-founding partner of TELECO/TELAIR. "We focused on optimising the internal combustion engine to maximise efficiency and on the power generator to achieve the twofold result of improving overall performance and facilitating any part replacement operations. We improved the electronic ignition system to obtain better LPG combustion. Furthermore, in partnership with a major lubricant manufacturer, we developed a lubricant which produces less smelly exhaust gases with respect to a standard off-the-shelf product. We improved heat insulation and soundproofing using next-generation materials".

Operation is entirely automatic. The ECOenergy starts up when the battery charge is getting low (11.9 V) and stops when it reaches the 14.5 V. The gas-fuelled internal combustion engine ensures correct operation even in extreme weather conditions. The system was tested at temperatures ranging from -25° to + 50° C.

The MEF versions are designed for use at high altitude (up to 2,300 metres above sea level). Normally, engine efficiency tends decrease in these conditions because oxygen is more rarefied. The MEF system, instead, improves the engine combustion process to produce the expected charging currents. It is precisely in winter that ECOenergy is particularly appreciated by camper van users since they spend more time on-board and there is less daylight. Heating systems, televisions and lights draw a great deal of power from the service batteries. This is why ECOenergy is a valuable ally to ensure energy autonomy and fully charged batteries. An interesting application in winter is the possibility to convey the flow of hot air produced by the engine of the generator into the cylinder compartment to help the LPG contained in the cylinders evaporate even at very low external temperatures.