The new PWM and MPPT charge controllers from Teleco Telair ensure solar energy is always under control

Four models to meet every need, capable of charging lead or lithium batteries and with 15-, 20- or 30-amp power ratings. Top-of-the-range models can also be monitored via the app

Lugo di Ravenna (11 December 2023) – Maximising efficiency from solar energy and optimising battery charging are crucial when it comes to guaranteeing energy needs on campers and caravans. The latest family of Teleco Telair PWM and MPPT charge controllers provides all this... and more.

PWM controller
The entry-level model in the Teleco Telair range is the SPC 20/1, a microprocessor-controlled 3-point PWM controller rated at 20 amps. Compared to previous models it has a new LED display that lets you monitor battery charge when it’s connected to the solar panel.
The SPC 20/1 is a versatile controller that can be configured to charge both lead and lithium batteries (ternary or lithium-iron-phosphate). Just select the battery type you wish to manage via the main menu on the interface by using the keys under the display: quick and simple.
The front of the controller also has a dual USB port with a 1.5 A maximum output current so you can charge electronic devices such as smartphones or tablets.

MPPT controllers
The rest of the Teleco Telair range consists of three models and is based on MPPT (Max Power Point Tracking) technology, which allows real-time tracking of the maximum power point of the solar panel, achieving a conversion efficiency of up to 98%.
All models have a large LCD display. This lets users monitor the operating data and the operating conditions of the entire charge system. In addition to providing real-time energy statistics from the MPPT controller, the main menu on the interface can be used to select the battery type (Gel, AGM, lead-acid and lithium) to be charged.
The MPPT SPC15/1 model has two 2-amp USB ports to charge electronic devices, while the MPPT SPC20/1B and MPPT SPC30/1B models have a Bluetooth connection that lets you use the Teleco App on your smartphone. The app lets you access information on power, voltage, current and energy statistics.
MPPT solar charge controllers also come with a remote temperature sensor that lets you gather battery temperature data and thus optimise battery management.
The Teleco Telair solar charge controller range has the following models:
• Telair SPC20/1 – 20A PWM charge controller
• Telair MPPT SPC15/1 – 15A MPPT charge controller
• Telair MPPT SPC20/1B – 20A MPPT charge controller
• Telair MPPT SPC30/1B – 30A MPPT charge controller

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