Teleco TBooster PRO 1245: the DC/DC converter that optimises charging of any service battery

This latest solution optimises and speeds up the recharging of lead acid, gel, AGM and lithium batteries and is designed to work with both traditional alternators and new variable-voltage Euro 6 devices.

Lugo di Ravenna (March 19, 2024) – Intent on offering an innovative solution for optimal on-the-move charging of 12V service batteries, Teleco Group has designed the TBooster PRO 1245. This DC/DC converter features step up/down technology, allowing users to compensate the alternator voltage and ensure perfect battery management at each stage of charging.
The TBooster PRO 1245 is essential for Euro 6 vehicles equipped with variable voltage ‘smart alternators’.
Almost all latest-generation vehicles, in fact, adapt alternator voltage to the driving circumstances: if the vehicle is stuck in a queue or proceeding particularly slowly, the alternator will stop charging the batteries. The TBooster PRO 1245, instead, can ‘force’ the alternator to charge the batteries until they are fully charged, regardless of vehicle speed.
However, the TBooster PRO 1245 isn’t just for latest-generation alternators: cutting edge technology ensures it can speed up and optimise the charging of any battery type, with any alternator.
In addition to unbeatable on-the-move charging results - thanks to a nominal charging current of 45A (max 70A) - TBooster PRO also offers the certainty of never having a flat starter battery. With the ‘Bridge’ function, in fact, the service batteries can be used to charge the starter battery.
Base specifications:
● Adaptability to alternator voltage: thanks to the step up/down converter, the TBooster PRO 1245 adapts to alternator voltage, ensuring stable efficient charging. It’s also possible to limit the power to prevent alternator overload.
● Battery compatibility: the charge curve is designed for lead-acid, gel, AGM and lithium batteries.
● Thermal compensation: activated with the temperature sensor, optimises charging and makes it safer.
● Charge protection: the device disables service battery discharge towards the starter battery.
● Compact structure and high efficiency: at more than 90%, the efficiency level is one of the highest on the market; design is compact.
● Emergency start: the ‘Bridge’ function (with manual selector) allows emergency charging (max. 6A) of the starter battery under critical conditions.
● Easy installation: the high operating temperature and compact design make the TBooster PRO 1245 installable practically anywhere inside the vehicle. The device can be purchased in kit form with everything needed to wire and install the sensors.
The TBooster PRO 1245 makes service battery charging stable and effective on any vehicle, delivering topof-the-range performance at an unmatched price.

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