CombiSat WiFi: the new frontier of mobile entertainment

Teleco Group presents a revolutionary ‘All-in-One’ solution for satellite TV, streaming and Wi-Fi: a technologically advanced solution that lets you receive signals from DVB-S2 satellites, from 5G, 4G, LTE and 3G mobile networks or the local Wi-Fi

Lugo di Ravenna (19 February 2024) – The public’s TV viewing habits have changed radically in recent years.
And camper owners are no exception, making a mobile network-dedicated antenna an almost indispensable accessory. However, seasoned travellers will know that not every location offers a stable network. The most beautiful places to stop are sometimes completely devoid of data signal. In these circumstances, the only way
to carry on watching TV is via a satellite network.
CombiSat WiFi is a combi antenna, designed to receive signals from both satellite and mobile networks, as well as from local Wi-Fi networks. This gives unprecedented versatility. Consisting of an external satellite antenna, a 5G, 4G, LTE, 3G and Wi-Fi mobile antenna and a DVB-S2 unit complete with cables, this groundbreaking
solution offers the best of both worlds.
CombiSat WiFi is a compact all-in-one solution that delivers in-vehicle entertainment by receiving both the satellite signal - via a motorized dish - and the signal from the local mobile network (compatible with all main European standards, i.e. 5G, 4G, LTE, 3G). It can also connect to the campsite/rest area Wi-Fi. Antenna installation is simple and requires very little space: the mobile antenna is, in fact, incorporated into the cable gland, so only one hole is needed to carry all the necessary cables into the vehicle interior. CombiSat WiFi is also the perfect solution for those who regularly travel abroad, where streaming services might be blocked due to broadcasting rights. In these cases the only way to receive national channels, wherever you are, is via a satellite network.
The CombiSat WiFi motorized dish can be operated via its DVB-S2 control unit with 16-satellite memory. The DVB-S2 lets users open, close and point the dish as required. What’s more, a dedicated app lets users connect to the control unit via Bluetooth: this means dish orientation can also be controlled from outside the vehicle. When used with a Teleco Smart TV, the position of the dish can be changed automatically according to the channel selected on the TV.
Base specifications:
● HD automatic satellite antenna: features a DVB-S2 control unit with 16-satellite memory, OLED display, and user-friendly keys to simplify satellite search. CombiSat WiFi can also be Bluetooth-controlled via the TELECO app. Compatible with all TVs equipped with a DVB-S2 tuner and all satellite receivers: if connected to a Teleco Smart TV, the ‘SMART function’ option (fee required) lets you automatically lock the antenna onto the the satellite broadcasting the channel selected with the remote control.
● Antenna for mobile phone and Wi-Fi signals: this compact antenna is designed to capture 5G, 4G, LTE, 3G mobile phone networks and WiFi signals. The antenna is installed directly in the watertight cable gland that carries the satellite antenna cables into the vehicle. If connected to the WLT24EX Router, it lets you broadcast the data network and local Wi-Fi inside the vehicle.
● DVB-S2 HD Control Unit: with 12/24 V DC power supply, compact design (160 x 115 x 25 mm) and OLED display, this control unit lets users open and close the antenna dish and perform an automatic search for one of the 16 pre-installed satellites. The unit also has a Bluetooth connection with a dedicated app and is compatible with CI-BUS systems. There’s also a safety system that automatically closes the antenna when the vehicle is started.
The CombiSat WiFi is perfect for those seeking high-quality television entertainment, wherever they are. Easy installation, compactness and advanced features make it a must-have for travel/adventure enthusiasts and long-distance haulage professionals.

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