Telair Black Solar Panels: powerful technology

Size remaining equal, the new solar panels built with the modern PERC modules are more efficient, even under low sunlight conditions

Lugo di Ravenna (15 November 2022) - Meeting people’s electricity needs concerns not just those staying in campers or caravans, but anyone who appreciates an outdoor lifestyle. On the topic of photovoltaic modules, the monocrystalline cells built with PERC (Passivated Emitter and Rear Contact) technology can reflect and retrieve the sunlight that’s not absorbed directly and, consequently, convert a greater amount of solar energy into electricity. This new system therefore boosts the performance of the photovoltaic array, even where solar radiation levels are low.

Built with materials of the highest quality and purity, the new Solar Black Panels by Telair - a Teleco Group company - can operate within a temperature range that spans from -40 to +80 °C, with a maximum relative humidity of 85%.

With a module efficiency of more than 20% (depending on the model), Solar Black Panels also feature outstandingly stylish yet practical design, largely thanks to the aerodynamic spoilers incorporated in the assembly kit that reduce drag when the camper is on the move.

The available models are as follows:

- TBS 110WS.
Has a module efficiency of 20.5%, measures 1160x450x30 mm and weighs (without feet) 6.3 kg.
- TBS 170WS.
Has a module efficiency of 20.6%, measures 1230x670x30 mm and weighs (without feet) 9 kg.
- TBS 185WS.
Has a module efficiency of 20.6%, measures 1230x705x30 mm and weighs (without feet) 10 kg.

The new modules are supplied as a complete assembly kit containing everything needed for installation from scratch: ABS attachment feet, spoilers, self-tapping screws, silicone glue, cable glands, a 6-metre PV cable, cleaner and charge controller.

The new Black Solar Panels are already available from Teleco's authorised dealer network.







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