Telair Black Coolflex flexible solar panels: powerful, light and strong

The three available models (100, 135 and 150 watts) weigh 50% less than the rigid models and, thanks to the special surface finish, maximise sunlight transmittance. The 9-layer structure provides greater strength and better heat dissipation.

Lugo di Ravenna (4 January 2023) - Every year a growing number of European RV owners seek to reduce their CO2 emissions. That’s why Telair - a Teleco Group company - has decided to expand its catalogue to include a new family of flexible photovoltaic solar panels with cutting-edge technology.

At just four millimetres thick, Black Coolflex modules are among the thinnest on the market. In addition to keeping the weight extremely low (just 3.7 kg for the smallest model), the module also offers better heat and weather resistance thanks to dual ETFE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) protection.

With a 9-layer structure that also includes the PCB flame retardant, Coolflex panels provide greater strength and offer better heat dissipation on the camper roof. What’s more, a special surface finish ensures the module maximizes sunlight transmittance to deliver high energy efficiency.

Lastly, two other equally important advantages of Coolflex panels are their excellent price/quality ratio and ease of installation.

All models come with a comprehensive assembly kit, which contains everything needed for installation from scratch: silicone glue, fast cleaner, SPCA cable gland, self-tapping screw and charge controller.

Three different Telair Black Coolflex monocrystalline panel models are available:

- TBCF 100 WS.
Has a module efficiency of 22.4%, measures 1080x510x4 mm and weighs 3.75 kg.
- TBCF 135 WS.
Has a module efficiency of 22.4%, measures 1080x680x4 mm and weighs 4.7 kg.
- TBCF 150 WS.
Has a module efficiency of 22.6%, measures 1130x710x4 mm and weighs 4.7 kg.

The new Black Coolflex photovoltaic modules are already available from Teleco's authorised dealer network.

TBCF 100


TBCF 135


TBCF 150


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