Telair and the new R32 refrigerant gas

Teleco adopts R32 refrigerant gas on all its air conditioning systems, reducing environmental pollution potential by over 70% compared to other gases used in air conditioners

Lowering environmental impact has always been a priority for the Teleco Group, which is constantly on the lookout for solutions that make products more sustainable and camper-caravan life greener. This was the case, for example, when the 12 Volt LPG-fuelled generators (TG 480 and TG 600), the only ones of their kind on the market, were launched. The same goes for Teleco's huge commitment in the photovoltaic field where the company has invested, and continues to invest, heavily (see, for example, the new TBC3i PRO battery charger which includes a charge controller with MPPT technology). In 2020 the Italy-based Group made further progress, standing out from the currently available solutions by adopting the latest generation of R32 refrigerant gas on all its air conditioners. Using this gas ensures outstanding performance yet has a lower environmental impact than the alternative solutions. The new R32 gas has an ODP (Ozone Elimination Potential) value of zero plus several other advantages. It has a GWP (Global Warming Potential) index of just 675, about half that of R407C. This means slashing environmental pollution potential by some 70% compared to the gases used so far. Teleco/Telair air conditioners include the e-Van, Dualclima and Silent ranges, with the range featuring seven models. All models are equipped with a heat pump and offer cooling powers ranging from 1.7 kW to 3.1 kW, ensuring there's just the right size air conditioner for any RV: the e-Van series for small vans, Dualclima and Silent for mid-size vehicles and the powerful Dualclima 12400H for maxi motorhomes.