Mobile Phone Professional Repeaters

Want to stay on-line at all times via your smartphone while seated comfortably in your camper, lying under your veranda, parked in your favourite spot with a fabulous view or while you're on your way to your holiday destination? Well, now you can: TELECO PhoneBoosterVan 2.0 
With the new TELECO PhoneBoosterVan 2.0 mobile phone booster your phones will always have a 4G, 3G or GSM connection, allowing uninterrupted Internet browsing*.


1 - external antenna - finds networks and captures their signals
2 - TELECO PhoneBoosterVan 2.0 boosts signals by a factor of 400
3 - internal antenna, transmits boosted signals

4-5 signal bars at all times: your device will not have to continuously search for the network, thus saving lots of energy and extending battery performance.

FaceBook, Instagram and WhatsApp in the palm of your hand at all times.

No more time wasting as you search for a Wi-Fi network; the 4G network is always with you!!
Watch Netflix, films and let your kids play video games, even on the road.
TELECO PhoneBoosterVan 2.0 is the ideal internet source, enhancing the reception capacity of your phone by at least 400 times!
All at no extra cost: in fact, with 4-5 signal bars at all times your phone will save lots of energy and your battery will stay charged much longer!

TELECO PhoneBoosterVan 2.0 is compatible with all iOS and Android devices.

TELECO PhoneBoosterVan 2.0 is compatible with all mobile phone networks and does not require any SIM card

KIT PhoneBoosterVan 2.0

All 5 Bands used by mobile phones in Europe are covered by the Booster Van: 800-900-1800-2100-2600 MHz
Power supply: 5-16 V DC

The mobile phone repeater kit includes:
1 Booster + 1 external antenna + 1 internal omnidirectional antenna.

Booster: 116x98mm - External antenna:95x85mm
Internal antenna: 160x17.5mm






Smartphone Control App

The dedicated and free Signal Supervisor App lets you keep your repeater under control via Bluetooth anywhere and any time.


All Teleco PhoneBoosterVan 2.0 products are officially certified by accredited laboratories in compliance with all international and European health, safety and quality standards.