Pure sine wave INVERTER

The TE 1700 SI-ACT PRO pure sine wave professional inverter is designed to support the high starting current of air conditioners installed in camping-cars. Perfect for supplying 230 V power to all on-board appliances of up to 1700 Watt continuous power and 3000 Watt peak power.
It runs on 12 V service battery power and, thanks to the ACT (AC Transfer) function, can also work with an external mains power source (where available) with the vehicle parked. The external mains power is given priority; switching is performed automatically to preserve battery power.
The control electronics ensures optimal performance and also provides protection against short circuits, overloads and overheating.

Suggestions for correct use:

  • Use an alternator with a capacity of at least 90A to run a Telair Silent 5400H air conditioner
  • The service battery must have a capacity of at least 100 Ah

TE 1700 SI-ACT PRO inverter kit content:

  • TE 1700 SI-AC PRO with connection cable to the service battery (35mm2, 1.2 m)
  • Fuse carrier (250 A)
  • Fuse (225 A)
Rated input voltage (AC) 230 V / 50 Hz
Rated input voltage (DC) 12 V
Input operation range (DC) 10.5 - 16 V
Output wave shape Pure Sine Wave
Rated output voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
Continuous output power 1700 W
Peak output power 3000 W
Short Circuit / Overload protection Yes
Overheat protection Yes
Dimensions (LxDxH) 265x440x90 mm
Weight 5200 g