FlatSat Elegance 2 SMART with TV

Satellite antenna and TV combination
Basically the Flatsat Elegance is the same as the Flatsat Easy, but it is supplied with an intelligent Teleco TV (TY2 or TEV) thus eliminating the need for the control panel.

All you have to do is switch on your TELECO television.
The FlatSat Elegance SMART does all the rest: it switches on the antenna, finds the right satellite, aligns the antenna and delivers the images from the right satellite to the screen. All in just a few seconds. Just use the remote control.

If you change channel the antenna will align automatically with the right satellite. When you switch off the TV, the antenna is lowered automatically and the system switches off. All the main satellites are available: Astra 19, Hot Bird, Astra 23, Eutelsat 5W, Astra 4, Astra 28, Thor, Hispasat and Turksat. A safety system immediately closes the antenna and switches off the TV whenever the vehicle engine is started.

FlatSat Elegance 2 SMART consists of:

1 External satellite antenna
1 DVB-S2 control unit complete with leads
1 TY2, TFV, TEV, TSV model TV with integrated satellite receiver and remote control


DVB-S2 HD control unit

  • Power supply: 12 Volts (10-15 V DC)
  • Max consumption: 3.2 Amps
  • Dimensions: 136x198x62 mm
  • Weight: 780 g

Available Models:


Closed Dimensions

Dish Dimension
FlatSat Elegance 2 SMART 65
OPTIONS – TWIN: for 2 receivers
85 x h17 cm
about kg 10,5
72 x 67 cm
FlatSat Elegance 2 SMART 85
OPTIONS – TWIN: for 2 receivers
104 x h17 cm
about kg 11,6
91 x 85 cm