FlatSat Classic S

Automatic HD satellite antenna with wall-mounted control panel and 10 memorised satellites. It can be used together with any receiver or Sat TV such as: TNT SAT, FRANSAT, SKY, TivùSat, CANAL DIGITAAL, TV VLAANDEREN, CANAL SATELLITE, BIS TELEVISION, TELESAT, etc.

FlatSat Classic SMART

The same as FlatSat Classic S, but with the addition of the SMART function:

A system with the SMART function ‘knows’ which channels are broadcast on which satellites. With this system you just have to select or switch to the channel you want and the antenna will point automatically to the correct satellite.
The FlatSat Classic SMART is compatible with all Satellite Receivers and TVs featuring the DiSEqC function (Teleco, Tivùsat, TNT Sat, Fransat, SKY, Canal Digitaal, TV Vlaanderen, Telesat etc.).

FlatSat Classic (SMART) consists of:

1 External satellite antenna
1 DVB-S2 Control unit complete with leads
1 Intelligent control panel


New intelligent control panel:

  • By default, the following satellites are stored in the memory: Astra 19, Hot Bird, Astra 23, Astra 4, Eutelsat 5W, Astra 28, Thor, Hispasat, Turksat, Internet
  • Remote control with just two buttons
  • OLED graphical display to show all the operations performed by the antenna
  • The panel is completed with a charcoal-grey frame and can easily be replaced with other differently coloured frames from the Berker line.
  • Safety system with automatic closing of the antenna when the vehicle is started.

DVB-S2 HD control unit

  • Power supply: 12 Volts (10-15 V DC)
  • Max consumption: 3.2 Amps
  • Dimensions: 136x198x62 mm
  • Weight: 780 g

* Teleco HUB and CI-BUS interfaces are optional extras. In order to use these functions the vehicle must be fitted with a Teleco HUB control centre or a CI-BUS system.

Available Models:


Closed dimensions

Dish dimensions
FlatSat Classic (SMART) 50
OPTIONS - TWIN: for 2 receivers
QUAD: for 4 receivers
63 x h15 cm
about kg 8,8
49 x 45,5 cm
FlatSat Classic (SMART) 65
OPTIONS - TWIN: for 2 receivers
QUAD: for 4 receivers
78 x h15 cm
about kg 9,0
63,5 x 59 cm
FlatSat Classic (SMART) 85
OPTIONS - TWIN: for 2 receivers
QUAD: for 4 receivers
98 x h17 cm
about kg 10,8
85 x 78 cm